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En till tanke från Austin Kleon. Vad vill jag dela på nätet, från vem, när och varför?
Som Austin skriver :  ”The act of sharing is one of generosity—you’re putting something out there because you think it might be helpful or entertaining to someone on the other side of the screen.” 


Det kan vara bra att tänka efter en extra gång vad det är man delar eller lägger ut. ”If you’re unsure about whether to share something, let it sit for 24 hours. Put it in a drawer and walk out the door. The next day, take it out and look at it with fresh eyes. Ask yourself,
”Is this helpful? Is it entertaining? Is it something I’d be comfortable with my boss or my mother seeing?” 


Credda alltid den som är upphovsman/kvinna till det du delar: ”If you share the work of others, it’s your duty to make sure that the creators of that work get proper credit. Crediting work in our copy-and-paste age of reblogs and retweets can seem like a futile effort, but it’s worth it, and it’s the right thing to do. You should always share the work of others as if it were your own, treating it with respect and care.”



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